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How to set any of your favourite song as JIO caller tune for free.

How to set any of your favourite song as JIO caller tune for free: All of you know that Reliance JIO has bought revolution in the telecom industry in India. And due to the JIO effect every network operator in India are continually dropping their the call and data pack prices to compete with Reliance JIO. As a result we are enjoying more data, talk time, sms in very price as compared to previous year.

You may know that Jio is offering free hello tube for one month. So here is the article about How to set any of your favourite song as JIO caller tune for free which will make your work very easy to activate your favourite caller tune. So let's go to the article.


jio tunes
jio tunes

How to set any of your favourite song as JIO caller tune for free.

There are three simple methods by which you can easily activate your Jio caller tune.

1. By Jiosaavn app

2. By sending sms

3. By copying someone's caller tune

First method-Jiosaavn music app:

1. Download Jio music app from app store or Google play store.

2. Now open the app it will ask your login id and password, but you just have to touch the skip option under login option.

3. Then it will ask you to select language. Many regional language available you can choose your favourite. Now you entered into the app.

4. Now select your favourite album or playlist. It will show the songs list.

5. There will be three dots at the right side of every song. Now click on the dots you will see an option as "Set JioTunes". Click there and you are done.

6. If you can't find such option kindly update your app by visiting your app store and you will definitely get it.

Second Method- By sending sms from jio number:

1. You can also activate your Jio tune by sending a sms.

2. To search for a Movie reply with MOVIE "Movie Name" to 56789

To search for an Album reply with ALBUM "Album Name" to 56789

To search for a SINGER reply with SINGER "Singer Name" to 56789

To search for a song type first three words of the song and send it to 56789

For example:

For movie you have to type
MOVIE "Why Cheat India" and send to 56789

For singer name type
SINGER "Arijit Singh" and send it to 56789

For Album name type
ALBUM "Pehli Dafa" and send it to 56789

3. Now you will receive an sms with songs options. You have to reply to that message which number of song you want to activate for your Jio tune.

4. Now you will receive the last confirmation message to set you Jio tune. You Just need to type "Y" and reply to that message.

5. Congratulations you have successfully activated Jio tune for free for 30 days.

6. If you are unable to do this you can simply goto your message box and type 'JT' and send it to 56789.

7. Then just have to follow the instructions given in the received messages. You will be able set your Jio tune.

Third method-By copying someone's caller tune:

1. This process is also very simple.To set the same Jio tune of a person you just need to press "*" before the person picks up the call.

2. Then you will receive an SMS form 56767 to confirm your selection.

3. Now you have to type "Y" reply to the received message to confirm your Jio tune activation.

4. And finally you can enjoy free Jio tune service for 30 days.

How to deactivate free Jio tune service:

1. Just open your messaging app and type "STOP" and send it to 56789.

2. Now you will receive confirmation message for deactivating your Jio tune.

3.Reply to that message and you are done.

Finally guys we hope this post about "How to set any of your favourite song as JIO caller tune for free" will help to set you free Jio tune.Please share this post with your family and friends and help ten too.

If you have any questions you can ask in the comment box below. Also don't forget to subscribe to your push notification by touching the red bell icon at the right bottom on your screen so that you can get all the latest post via push notification as soon as we post a new article. Thanks for visiting.


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